Finding Brynn Copyright 2014 Sky Greene.
All rights reserved.
 ​ Book cover design and art by John Konecny of JKon Design.​​

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FINDING BRYNN is a chick-lit novel about finding oneself, looking for love, and the sisterhood support you need along the way.

Most of Brynn's friends and family tell her she is crazy to leave everything and everyone behind to move 1200 miles from home just to try something new. She feels like she is being adventurous and wants a change from her boring Midwestern life. The only thing she wishes she could bring with her to Denver is Ned, her boy-toy turned serious boyfriend that her parents know nothing about.

Once in Denver, Brynn finds being 'adventurous' isn't as fun or easy as she expected. She's suddenly on the bad side of one of her grad school professors, she's just about out of money, and when she thinks things can’t get worse, Mother Nature wreaks havoc on her car. At least she has Kim, her new best friend that she met at school, to talk to about almost anything.

Brynn didn't anticipate meeting any guy that intrigues her, but Dave sure peaks her interest. She wants to explore if she is imagining a spark, or if there really is something there. But Ned...the sex with him is too good to just throw away, and they're making the long distance thing work...sort of. Ned? Dave? Is any of this really what she wants?

What Brynn thinks is essential in life changes drastically when she gets the call that causes her to get on the first plane home. Only then does Brynn realize what is truly important to her and what she wants in life.